Party Time!

16 Jun

It’s a busy night at Amsterdam Billiards! We are hosting 2 corporate events and 1 birthday party, plus we’ve got our Wednesday night Co-ed Pool Leagues and our NAPL League tonight!!!

One of our corporate events tonight is competing in our Indoor Office Olympics Tournament with private house pro, Tony Robles. Eight teams of five are battling in a tournament of pool, ping pong and darts to win first place, in addition to some pretty cool prizes! In between games, they’re drinking the night away with our lovely bartender, Crystal, and munching on some classic bar food: quesadillas, wings, and pizza! At the same time, one of our other house pros, Michael Yednak, is working our other private event for Google and is currently teaching some Google employees how to impress other co-workers with some trick shots!

Join in the fun and have your next private event at Amsterdam Billiards! See you soon! :)

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