Meet Tony Robles, Our House Pro

8 Nov

Meet Tony Robles. He could be your House Pro for your next Private Party at Amsterdam Billiards. Tony can help organize a fun and competitive tournament of pool, ping pong, darts or even beer pong for your holiday event. Plus, can he teach you the techniques to win and show you some trick shots in the down time! Trust me, he’s worth it!

At age twenty-one, he turned pro. His nickname, the “Silent Assassin,” was given to him during the 1995 World Championships. He is currently ranked #6 by Pool and Billiards Magazine, and #9 by Billiard’s Digest, as he sets his sights on a lifelong goal of winning the world’s championship.

Don’t delay. Book your holiday event now – and don’t forget  to book Tony as your house pro! Call 212-995-0333 for more information or email our Special Events Manager, Maria, at

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