Archive | February, 2012

Join our Co-ed Pool Leagues!

21 Feb

There are so many reasons to join our pool leagues, but the most important is…It’s fun!!! And if you’re any good, you could win some serious prizes!! Call us at 212-995-0333 for more information and to learn how to sign up.

Happy Valentine’s Day from Amsterdam Billiards

14 Feb

Celebrate your love at Amsterdam Billiards!! Impress your date with your ping pong skills or get real close while you teach her how to hold a cue…

And for all you singles out there – you’re not alone! Stop by and have a drink or two or three! This Tuesday is the perfect day to drink and play the night away!!

Add Customized Pool Ball Cookies to your Party Package!

13 Feb

Call us at 212-995-0333 to get a personalized party proposal now! We can customize a party package for you based on all of your party desires and budget! Pool ball cookies, a private photographer, a magician…you name it and we’ll find a way to get it! Let our Special Events Manager take care of the rest! It’s that easy! Email to get started!

Join the fun at Amsteram Billiards

9 Feb

Call us at 212-995-0333 for our Power Play Specials.


1 Feb

Amsterdam Billiards is where you should be watching the Super Bowl guys! We have a 7×10 Foot HD screen with sound for this event! It’s going to be awesome. You can’t find a better place to watch the Super Bowl in Union Square, or NYC for that matter… Come check us out. You can call 212-995-0333 to reserve your spot and check out all 7×10 feet of our awesome super bowl screen.